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Getting rid of debt is hard, and it’s even harder if your debts have high interest. As most of you know, mortgage debt and mortgage interest can be one of life’s biggest financial hurdles. In the United States of America, most borrowers and homeowners apply for 15, 20, or 30-year conventional loans for their home buying needs. This is 15, 20, or 30 years of additional interest that most homeowners struggle to pay. Tra Het No was created as a smart strategy to pay off mortgages faster; you will work with a mortgage strategist to help save tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars and reduce years of the mortgage.

If you are interested in saving on interest and mortgage fees,
please give us a call. 1-800-251-9830

Why People Choose Us

Dedicated Specialists
Dedicated Specialists
Success Stories Rating
Success Stories Rating
No Upfront Fees!
No Upfront Fees!

Our Mission

With our strategy, clients will:

  • Pay off Debt Faster
  • Save Time and Money
  • Reduce Mortgage
  • Reduce Interest
  • Create Cash Flow
  • Build Retirement & Real Estate Investment

No matter where you live, whether in the Untied States or abroad, no matter what your current financial health is, our program has something to offer and it could change your life!

Conventional Mortgages vs. Our Smart Strategy

You SAVE $162, 443

Avoid the biggest mortgage mistakes

Mortgage mistakes can cause you to pay more than you need to, prevent your loan from closing, or even lead to foreclosure and bankruptcy.

Our smart strategy to avoid these mortgage mistakes will save thousands of dollars in mortgage interest, mortgage payments, and pay off your loan faster. Owning your home will be a joy, not a burden, and our strategy will help you achieve long-term financial security.

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Happy Clients: It is all about you!

Bringing security and peace of mind is our mission.

“We would like to thank you, Tra Het No. With the smart financial strategies, we were able to pay off our mortgage in 5 years. We have had $8,000.00 cash flow monthly and we are ready to build our retirement planning and purchase multiple properties.”

Kim & Tom H.
from Plano, Texas

“I have just started using the program and I have reduced my mortgage by $22,000.00 in the first three months. I will be paid off in 5.5 years instead of 15 years. I will be enjoying it and get ready my real estate investments.”

Eric L. (Dentist)
from Seattle, WA

“Quang, Thanks again for introducing the Tra Het No system! It is an awesome strategy and it helped us to pay off my mortgage in less than 4 years and saved more than $196,000.00 in mortgage interest. We are ready to buy another new salon.”
Ann & John N. (Nail Salon Owner)
from San Francisco, California

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